At what point is a client just not worth it?

Some situations that bring a lack of response from a client doesn't mean the agreement needs to be talked about. They could just be busy.

I'll never forget several years ago when working with a company, the client and I had a pretty important email exchange. Next thing I knew no response came in but yet I knew that this one email was really important for both of us. I remember us speaking on the phone and he’d say he was waiting. Then I remember some time passing with no response. Long story short, he was a little upset with me because I hadn't responded back to the important email. I explained I never received anything back. This went on for several minutes until I asked him to check his email again. I remember him getting a little bothered like I thought he was losing it or something. He ended up laughing because the email he needed to reply to me was sitting in his drafts. 

I had another situation where a client owed me money and wasn't responding to my communication. It almost felt like they were purposefully trying to ignore me. I at first took offense to it because I was being selfish thinking only of my invoice. Then I started thinking, what if they were having money issues and actually couldn't pay me yet. That ended up being the issue. What I learned from that situation was to have a clause in my contracts where I have the right to no longer provide services if my invoices stayed open past a certain length of time. 

I've also had customers where the agreement was fine, they paid me on time but the level of drama they brought into my life was CRAZY. I mean to the point where every time I spoke with them it was another layer of drama. I could see several months in that they just seem to always have drama. I decided to give them a termination letter because anytime it was time for me to work on anything for them I was getting to the point where I wasn't happy. Once I terminated them, I had this unbelievable feeling of peace because I realized that the client was just not worth it. 

For you or whoever reads this, I ask you to not think from your point of view only. Some situations change, some were never meant to be and some are just forced and never will get developed properly. When you take the time to really analyze the current situation or a potential situation, ask yourself, am I (or will I be) truly happy. Take the idea of money out of your mind when you do this as that'll mess with you. If money were no issue for you and you didn't need them for it, but yet you feel you'd still work with them, use that as your base to formulate an agreement. If you wouldn't work with them at all if money were no issue, you now know the relationship between you and them will most likely never get better. 

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