Do Something Meaningful

UPC wakes up everyday and thinks about doing something that will help someone else. We at UPC do no want to post content on the internet just for the sake of doing it. Our delay on building our brand on the internet was on purpose. We've been speaking through our Clients and business partners. UPC has grown tremendously without social media but now we're prepped to scale. Those that follow us will not just receive quotes but tips and understanding on how to grow.

Today - Look at your life (not work). Are you happy? If you are, you owe it to yourself to spread the love. Today find at least one person and do something meaningful for them. Put your heart into it, even if it's paying for someone's coffee without them knowing. Maybe it's sending an e-mail to upper management about a random employee you see working hard. If you're not happy, focus on one thing that makes you happy (however small) and be thankful for it. That one thing is your anchor to build on. That one thing will turn into two and three things. Don't focus on anything else. Everyday I see how this helps people so believe in yourself and make today the day you focus only on things that make you happy.

Team UPC