Driving Business in Today's Economy

First "today's economy" is booming.  However no one should be focusing on today.  Any business should be looking at least 3 years into the future.  Business is mainly numbers and data with the owner of the business focusing on what makes them special.  

Perfect example, I try to only support local businesses when shopping.  My wife wanted some candy. I choose to find a local candy shop in my city.  Upon entering the shop I felt like I went back in time. The decor was aged and the walls still had paneling.  I loved it. Then someone greeted me and they felt genuine. They took me on a tour of the facility and explained to me what they offer.  Me being me, I had to ask how the heck do they stay in business when BIG retail takes the majority of the business. The answer, they cater to the small businesses that may not need an entire box of candy, they allow consumers like me to come buy only what they want even if it breaks up an entire box.  In addition, they support local school fundraisers. They've been in business for over 30 years and have survived good and bad times. Why, because they understand who they are and they cater to who they serve. 

Don't focus on today (your goal should be to plan at least 5 years out), understand what makes YOU special and why people need to do business with YOU. Be personable yet memorable and cater to your core audience. 

Following the above steps it doesn't matter what's going on with the economy.  You don't need fancy tricks or some radical marketing strategy.

Rajan Taylor