Focus Only on One Thing

Let's think really quick, athletes don't make it to the biggest stage by trying to be good at everything. Most babies have to crawl before they walk. When you walk you take one step and then another. But when it comes to business, people don't apply those same tactics. True entrepreneurs can't just oversee one thing (really they can't). That's what separates them from freelancers, small business owners and independent contractors They must have multiple balls in the air with micro balls surrounding those balls and more balls ready to be launched. But what makes a successful entrepreneur is allotting time and brain power to focus on thing at a time.

For instances the founder of UPC owns several small businesses, consults for consultants, has businesses he advises for and now is starting a podcast show and a mastermind group. But never puts the business before his family and dog. . Focus on one thing at a time even if you only have 10 minutes. We have no doubt you're business will grow and you'll sleep good at night if you do.

Team UPC