Consultants, Coaches, etc. Get out of the Way!!

One thing we're seeing over and over again is small business owners that understand that having another person or team helping them does bring results, but many consultants or coaches don't know when to get out of the way.

People that have built themselves up or down enough to have someone listen to them is a powerful notion.  But the key word in the above sentence is POWER. Power has many shapes and forms. Power can move people forward and backward. Power can also be positive and negative.  All human beings are flawed, meaning none of us are perfect. And just like power, flaws surface in many shapes and forms. 

We feel the majority of Consultants, Coaches, Etc start because they have been through so much in life and or business that they want to help others.  Some start because they’ve been so successful either in life and or business that they know others will listen. Then you factor in the fact that the consulting industry is a $250 billion industry, some do it just for money.

No Consultant, Coach, Etc is perfect. They have the ability to see what you can become, but small business owners may also change the shape of the future in a moments notice.  Consultants must have a dedication to its customers to get out of their own mind and see what’s going on. Just like small business owners need to do with their product or services.

We at UPC hope whichever level of consulting you do that you never put your agenda before your customers. We implore you to everyday to self evaluate what you’re doing for others and when you make a mistake, own up to it with your customers. Express what your intent was and where you saw the mistake you made.  Then provide advice to right that mistake to keep your customer moving forward. Do not ever have your customers relying on your every word. You want them to shine and be happy and as they develop you are their to softly guide them, but never overshadow them.

The easiest tip we recommend for consultants to self evaluate is this.  If during the planning process you as the consultant are having to recommend, give the idea, create the plan and assist with execution, you’re customer isn’t ready to execute.  Be patient, work on each area one by one and when you see even some progress start to get out of the way on that area. If your customer can complete the existing agenda without you and the end result has the feel and idea you both worked on, stay out of the way when the results start to show.  Don’t look for credit or notoriety on that one result. Keep them focused so they can execute again, and again and again.

Team UPC