Pillars of Success

In order to have a business you must have customers and profit. In order to increase your customer base and profits you need to have a mission and a vision. In order to build a team you need to core values that represent the business clearly and concise to anyone it comes in contact with. Lastly you must develop processes and systems to create efficiencies that allocate time, effort and client transactions properly By adopting these four points you build a foundation that’s strong and ready to weather anything thrown at it..

With the foundation being set you want to throw a variety of test at it to check for weak points. You can do this in multiple ways. You can act as if your a new client to your business and go through all the processes and systems you’d put a customer through. Document your journey and you may see where you need. You can also enlist the help of someone else who doesn’t know your process and do the same thing. Matter of fact you can even test your idea on a random business you’d like to do business with and have them provide feedback on what they experienced. This could be HUGE as you then develop a way to have your process become autonomous . That’s when you know you’re working on your business, not in your business.

As you do the above you’ll start to develop what makes you special or unique and areas you’d like to improve on. You’ll also start to define what makes you successful. United Partnership’s three pillars of success are Exposure, Brand Awareness and Life Balance. Anyone reading this I want you to think about your business and life. Truly think about what brings joy into your life and build on that.

United Partnership’s success doesn’t come from coaching or giving tips to businesses. Our success comes from having the ability to look at a business, seeing who they truly are and helping them achieve our three pillars of success. Because we’re only interested in partnerships with our customers where our success become theirs success. The selfishness isn’t from our want to make a profit but our what for them to be profitable and have life balance.

If you’re reading this go back to the first two paragraphs and adopt this into your business. I have no doubt that you’ll see success. I love feedback so feel free to reach out to us at info@unitedpartnership.net and let us know if anything in this message has helped your business.

Rajan Taylor