Our Story


Rajan Taylor is the founder of United Partnership Consulting. After years of developing security plans to assist with life safety policies for Fortune 500 companies, He found himself continually communicating with financial departments and saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.  He began combining his experience with employee morale programs, security technology, and financial data to create models that could be applied to business operations.  The framework for United Partnership Consulting was formed.  

United Partnership Consulting was started for one reason; helping start-up, small, independent and/or family-owned businesses and organizations achieve their goals.  But establishing proper programs and increasing profits is not enough to keep us helping you. We’ll only work with you if you’re willing to give back to the community. After Rajan’s mother died November 2017 after dealing with mental illness her entire life he wanted nothing to do with just making more money. He wants money to be an avenue businesses can use to better their neighborhoods and individuals within those neighborhoods.

United Partnership Consulting (UPC) is not just Rajan Taylor. It has become a team of individuals that agree with the UPC way. Each member on the team requested to help UPC and it’s mission. We all want businesses to succeed and grow, but we want them to not just focus on the bottom line only. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to the philosophy of your business.

Many businesses chose to change strategies based on an agreement. We want you focused on yourself and your family. By focusing on who you are, you become pinpoint accurate on what makes you happy, what you need to live and what you can do to help others.  

By focusing on your businesses philosophy we’re able to bring streamlined solutions to you and your customers, we also don’t believe in being selfish by taking all resources and keeping them to ourselves. we partner with various businesses in which their core values are aligned with ours.  These vendors specialize in areas from commercial insurance, health insurance, IT support, payroll management, employee scheduling software, proposal creation software, profit & loss software, marketing, security systems, fleet vehicle management, inventory management to office administration management.

our objective is to bring you a streamlined, return on investment program that will make you breathe and live better.